For kids, after school programs are more than just fun.  In the Blackzilian’s After School program in Pompano Beach you’ll find an emphasis is placed on life lessons; building character, indomitable spirit, respect, courtesy, perseverance, self-discipline and self-control. Just as these attributes will help young students in their martial practice, so too do they help them in other aspects of life, especially academics and social relationships. Armed with these skills, students are better prepared for all changes they may encounter as they begin their academic life, not to mention approach their teen years.


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With the help of the after school programs in Pompano Beach, children can acquire some important life skills even from the first years of school. With the help of these programs, they will gain access to practical training and innovative resources that will help them to connect with each other, to discover the world around them in new perspectives and adapt more easily to the economic reality. Designed especially for children between 6 and 11 years old, the after school programs will help them to develop the abilities necessary for an independent life.

The teachers have different programs that are designed for each group age apart, which can be performed in class. The lessons include practical and interactive activities, role plays and some discussions that will keep the children constantly motivated and will stimulate them to participate actively. What makes these programs really unique in the educational offer is the presence of some volunteer business consultants. These are professionals from a variety of fields who work with the children in the program`s activities, in the presence of their teacher and share their personal and professional experience. Therefore, it would be a great idea for every parent to sign their children at the after school programs Pompano Beach.

The first program is design for children that are just starting up the years of schooling. With the help of some characters mentioned in some stories, children will learn the value of work, how to save money and be active within the community. They will have the ability to discover the habits that can help them remain healthy and will learn team work. Moreover, this program will encourage them to explore the world in a new-creative way. These are some important attributes for all after school programs for kids in Pompano.

Family support is essential for the right development of any young child, so it`s good for them to know some aspects related to the needs and desires of every family member. In the second program, children will discover the role of the family in the local economy, the covered expenses and the role of some specific occupations. This program will also help them learn how people and enterprises function within a community. Children will have the opportunity to learn more about the needs and desires of different groups around them and how they can influence the community through voting.

One of the best after school programs  will help children understand how a country functions as a system. They will analyze the role of the enterprises, the government and people, and will discover the responsibilities that each individual should assume for the proper development of the country. Therefore, they will obtain a responsible and socially active behavior and will learn how to implement their ideas and education to succeed in life. Children development and education has been in the attention of numerous researchers and specialists from various subfields of psychology: clinical, neuro-cognitive, educational, educational, developmental and so on. The Pompano Beach karate after school programs play an important role in these studies.

At birth, a baby`s weight is only 5% of the weight of an adult, while a newborn`s brain weighs 25% of its equivalent at the maturity. By age of 3, the brain gets to weigh 80% of its final weight, and up to 6 years, up to 90%. The child comes into the world with a bigger number of neurons and synaptic connections compared to an adult person. Therefore, we can understand the importance that the after school programs carry for children in the first years of school.

During the maturation process, the number of neurons is reduced to half simply because children can`t use all of them. Only the strongest neurons and synapses survive, and the critical factor for this survival is experience and usage. Therefore, the environment where the child is developing after birth plays a very important role for the brain`s development. The genes provide only a starting point and potential, but the experience is the one that capitalizes and expands this potential. This availability of the brain to become modeled by experience is called “brain plasticity”. This term can be influenced by the after school karate programs in Pompano Beach.

Due to the fact that it is still developing, the young brain shows a higher degree of plasticity compared to the mature brain. By interacting with new people, experiencing new things and participating in new activities, children have the opportunity to expand their learning capacities, so the after school programs Pompano are very important.