QSM-5-15-B-SH is a new type of portable cutting equipment functioning by front-mix abradant water jet flow; it adopts cold cutting technologies.

This waterjet cutting machine has passed spark test, static electricity test and temperature test, and met the anti-explosion requirements.

Note: QSM-5-15-B-SH waterjet cutting machine is an integral part of the main machine system and provides high-pressure water jet flows for cutting operations; it needs to assist cutters (for example pipe cutter), cutting gun assembly and high/low-pressure hose to complete cutting operations.

Product features:

  • (1) Small, light and portable;
  • (2) Simple and compact structure, easy operation;
  • (3) The anti-explosion motor power (EXd Ⅱ CT4) meets the operation requirements;
  • (4) Low noise, free of environmental pollution;
  • (5) Low working pressure, easy system maintenance.