The newly-developed product of Shanghai Kemei Electromechanical Co.,Ltd., QSM-4.5-15-BG is a portable waterjet cutting machine for underground coal mine. Its cutting gun can extend 100m to complete cutting operations in narrow or water/electricity-insufficient environments; also, it is appropriate for cutting operations.

The work principles are:

-The work medium flows into the high-pressure pump via the low-pressure hose and after being filtered by the water storage tank.

-The flame-proof three-phase asynchronous motor for underground coal mines is used to provide power for the high-pressure plunger pump to boost the work medium.

-Then the high-pressure water flow enters the abradant tank via the high-pressure hose to fully mix with and speed up the abradant.

-At last, it passes through the cutting gun to generate high-pressure abradant jet which flows to conduct cutting operations.